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Meet Your Artist

My story as an artist began in Philippines but honed in America. In the Philippines people thought I was not intelligent because I did not do very well in my academics. Math and Science were more important in my homeland over art. I never really understood why I thought and saw the way I did until I read a book explaining to me both sides of my brain. I began as right brained person but because of our culture was forced to use my left. So as a child I felt lost and confused. Then at the age of thirteen my mother brought my brother and me to America. It was here that I learned that I wasn't cursed but I was blessed.

In my sophomore year of high school I entered many competitions and to my surprise I was winning left and right. I never really had confidence in me because of the way I was raised but it really felt amazing to be on the other side of the table. As my artistic abilities grew so did my confidence to try out new mediums including painting. Little did I know that this would be a defining skill that would help me achieve great things in my journey.

Several years passed and the grace of God saved me. I always dreamed of helping society but never really knew how to do it. On opportunity came around Easter of 2011 when my church asked me to do something insane. My friend Aaron Hernandez called me and asked me "Hey Michael, can you paint Jesus upside down for us." I replied "What? Like me upside down?" And he started laughing and said "No, the painting!" which made a lot more sense. "But here's another catch, you have to do it in under five minutes." he added. At the moment it was scary but the young a reckless side of me said "Do it, you won't!" so I said yes. This to me meant a lot because it was the beginning of what I want to do with my art. I thought it was only going to raise $500 for the church but to my surprise it raised over $20,000+ for them and they decided to give all the money to missions. Which went to communities that needed it all over the world. Ever since then my art has been raising money for missions and non-profit organization all over the world. It has raised about $31,000 and I'm still in the moment of raising more. I seek no fame, no glory but only to help my brothers and sisters in need through art.

In terms of originality I offer a very different perspective. Just like everybody else I view the world differently. I also experiment with a lot of mediums. In my opinion you can never learn too much not just with art but also with everything in life. The moment that you close your mind to learning is the moment that you cease other possibilities that could benefit you as an artist and as a person. I have tried many different mediums like chalk, oils, watercolor and many others. Each having trials that lead to many success and also failures. You would think that I would value my success more but to me failure offers so much more. You learn more about it and it gets ingrained in your head that you spend hours trying to correct it and when you finally do its one of the most amazing feelings out there. A person is not defined by his or her success but is defined by how they get back up after a loss.

One day I would love to donate 30-50% of what I earn through art and photography to charity, missions and non-profit organization. However for now I can only do 10% cause of college, life and its many never ending bills. As my final words please know that if you decide to hire me for one of my many services you are helping me go through college and as well a person thats in need. Thank you for reading this and may God's love be with you.

Any comments or questions are welcome down here!